Ricky Pye – Managing Director

Ricky firstly developed an interest in things electrical when he was 15 years old and at a loose end during the school holidays. Initially helping out with odd jobs around his Dad’s workshop, in 1984 he decided to build on his interest and accepted his Dad’s offer to train as an apprentice.

After qualifying as a registered electrician, Ricky continued to work for Alan for another 15 years and with a great understanding of the thriving business he knew so well, was in the perfect position to take over when his Dad retired.

Ricky is proud to carry on the family name, and pleased to continue serving Pye Electrical’s client base, many of whom he introduced to the business himself.

Although these days much of Ricky’s time is spent managing Pye Electrical Limited, he still enjoys being involved with the hands on work of electrical design, repair and installation, and looks forward to being of service to you.

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